This blog is loosely inspired by classical prose miscellanies such as Claudius Aelian’s Varia Historia. In the spirit of such works, A Various History explores a variety of topics, deliberately avoiding fixed subject matter or highly structured organization. At the same time, the title has an additional meaning: the phrase “a various history” can be used in English to refer to the changes that something has undergone through time. For example, one might say that an old building has had “a various history,” meaning that it has been used for different purposes at different times, or perhaps that it has been owned or occupied by different people or institutions throughout the years. While this blog does not have a single fixed topic (and that is by design), it will frequently return to themes of historical development and change.

A Various History is a personal blog, and the author alone is responsible for opinions expressed in its posts, except where otherwise indicated. However, any advertisements that may appear on this blog are the responsibility of WordPress.


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